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Cricket World Cup 2019 Final Four Betting

Cricket World Cup 2019 Final Four Betting 1

It was back in May of this year that the action including the betting action on this years Cricket World Cup really picked up, and we are now at the stage of that competition where there are just four teams left in it.

As such even though you have left it a bit late, there is still time for you to place a bet on just which of those four teams you think will come out on top and be crowned the champions this year, and today I will be looking at just what odds you can secure on each of those four teams too.

The two teams that cannot be separated however are India and England, and as far as their odds most both have them chalked up at the 7/4 joint favourites to win, but make sure that you shop around just in case you find a bookies offering slightly higher odds that 7/4.

Bet on the Final Matches

There are of course still going to be a few additional betting opportunities other than just picking out which of the final four teams you think is going to win the Cricket World Cup in 2019, and you will of course be able to bet on the last few matches too.

But when doing so make sure that you compare the odds being offered to you at a range of different betting sites, as different odds compilers at some betting sites may be offering you slightly higher odds than those odds available at some other betting sites and betting apps.

Australia and New Zealand

Fair play to both Australia and New Zealand for both of those two nations have made it through to the final stages of the Cricket World Cup this year, and you never know either of those two teams may go on to win it.

However, as for just what odds you are going to be able to secure on both of those two teams, well Australia do have a reasonable chance of winning, so I wouldn’t put you off backing them to do just that and you should find plenty of betting sites and betting apps that are prepared to lay you odds on them winning this competition outright of around the 5/2 mark.

Whilst Australia do appear to have a reasonable chance of winning, the same cannot however be said for the New Zealand team, and as such if you are an avid fan of theirs and do rate their chances of winning then you can back New Zealand to win at huge odds right now and those odds are 9/1.

But just keep in mind that it will be whether they do win their next match as to whether they are going to progress through to the next stage of the competition, that being the grand final so you will be taking a few risks if you do decide to place at bet on the, but you will of course be rewarded with those high odds if you do so right now.