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2019 Eastern Conference Winner Betting

2019 Eastern Conference Winner Betting 1

There is still plenty of value to be had by betting on just which team you think is going to win the Eastern Conference in 2019, and the futures betting markets at sites such as our top rated betting site that is Coral do have a fairly open book available.

There is one team of course that heads that futures basketball betting market and that team is the Toronto Raptors, and so much money has already been placed on them winning the odds have dropped down to just 13/8, and those odds could continue to fall, so if you fancy their chances then act quickly to be able to secure 13/8.

Another team that has certainly been attracting more than their fair share of early money on the futures betting markets are the Boston Celtics, and they are currently trading at win odds of 2/1, and if the money does keep on coming in for them they may soon be the favourites to win the Eastern Conference rather than the second favourite to do so.

Moving onto the third favourite, well it may not surprise you to learn that team is the Philadelphia 76ers, and as for just what odds you can back the at right now, those odds are reasonable  as they are easy to back at Coral at odds of 7/2.

The only other team that has a realistic chance of winning are the Milwaukee Bucks and as for whether there is any value in their odds, well they are up for grabs and on offer at odds of 11/2.

The Rest of the Teams

If the winner of the Eastern Conference isn’t one of the above named basketball teams, then it will be a major surprise, but there is a chance many of them lesser fancied teams could come out on top and win.

Therefore let me now give you some ideas as to which other teams are in with a tiny chance of winning and their respective win odds too.

The Indiana Pacers are on offer at fairly high odds right now and those odds are 28/1, you may however fancy the chances of the Detroit Pistons, and if you do then surely you are going to be tempted to place a bet on them at their win odds of 33/1.

Three teams are readily available at odds of 50/1 and they are the Charlotte Hornets, Miami Heat and also Orlando Magic, but you are going to have to be a very loyal fan of those teams to actually want to place a bet on them at those win odds!

The outsiders to win are the Washington Wizards at 66/1 along with teams such as the Brooklyn Nets who are 100/1 and you can back the Atlanta Hawks, the Chicago Bulls, the New York Knick at even bigger odds of 250/1, and as for the team that cannot possibly win the Eastern Conference, well that team are the Cleveland Cavaliers who odds are huge at 500/1!