handicap betting can be a great money earner

Placing Bets on Handicap Betting Markets is Simple

Handicap betting is a way for you to possibly increase the odds you will be offered if you fancy backing for example a team that is the favourites to win a football match or to have more chances of the underdog winning a match, but by being offered some slightly lower odds.

The way in which such betting markets are put together, is that the favourite to win will have to start the match with a certain number of goals being knocked off their final score, or the underdog to win will have goals added onto their final score.

So if you fancy backing a team that looks like they cannot lose their upcoming match, but the odds on the outright betting markets are so low you would have to place a small fortune on your bet as your stake to get a decent sized winning payout, then those are the types of betting markets you should be making use of.

Just so you fully understand how such a Handicap betting market has been designed, let’s say the home team are the favourites to win, and the away team have no chance of winning, if the number of goals that are knocked off the home team winning are two, then that team must win by three goals if the away team do not score at all.

But they will have to win by three goals more than the away team if the away team does manage to bang into the back of the home teams’ net any number of goals!

handicap betting can be a great money earner

William Hill Offer Plenty of Handicap Betting Markets

It will be your decision to make if you do fancy trying your chances on the Handicap betting markets, but make no mistake about it you are going to be offered plenty of them on all upcoming sporting events and not only football matches.

With that in mind I would encourage you to take a look at the Handicap betting markets that will be available and on offer to you at the William Hill sportsbooks, for I have found they often go that extra mile to offer their customers plenty of such betting markets, and the odds you will find on offer will certainly be tempting too.

The true value of course will also be with you securing the very best odds on any Handicap betting markets, so never take the first odds you are offered at any online betting site or when you are betting via a mobile app.

Be prepared to do a little hunting around and compare the odds available, as more likely than not you will find different odds being offered at different betting sites, and some of them will also be offering you additional Handicap betting markets too, which will see you then having plenty of other valuable bets and wagers that you can place on any upcoming sporting event that you do fancy betting on!

Placing Bets on Handicap Betting Markets is Simple
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Lucky 63 Bet Explained 1

Lucky 63 Bet Explained

Today I want to give you an insight into how you can place a Lucky 63 bet, for they are one of multiple bets on which there is the very real chance of you winning big, even if you are betting for some relatively small stake amounts.

That type of bet is one on which you are required to pick out six selections, which could be six horses running in any different races, and by placing them all on a Lucky 63 bet you will have those six horses covered in every single type of individual bet.

Those 63 bets include 6 Singles, 15 Doubles, 20 Trebles, 15 Four-Fold bets, 6 Five-Fold bets and one six selection accumulator too. As such even if you get just one of those six horses winning you will have a winning payout coming your way as you will have it covered in a single bet.

Just keep in mind that the unit stake you choose to place on such a bet will need to be multiplied by 63, however you can also place an each-way Lucky 63 bet too, but by doing so you will in total be placing 126 individual bets all of which will require a stake to be placed on them!

Where to Place Lucky 63 Bets

Lucky 63 Bet Explained 2As for just which betting sites you should be actively placing any Lucky 63 bets at, well there are two major incentives available at the BetFred betting site, for they offer a huge 25% bonus payout to all of their customers that place such a bet and pick out six winners on that bet too.

In fact, if you only manage to get one single winner of a Lucky 63 bet over at the BetFred betting site then they will boost the odds on that one single winner by five times the odds it won at, which depending on that selections winning odds could see you receiving a big payout!

Consider a Heinz Bet Too!

There is an alternative bet to a Lucky 63 bet which is a distant cousin, and that is known as a Heinz bet, as for the differences between that bet and a Lucky 63, well that is there are 57 individual bets on a Heinz bet, which are all of the ones listed above except you are not placing any singles on that bet.

But be aware that betting sites tend not to offer bonuses or the same bonus payouts when you place such a bet, so it will always be worth doubling checking to see if they will on that alternative bet, and if not you will probably be better off placing a Lucky 63 bet as that way you will get the single winning bonus payout of course.

Just keep in mind that when you do set about placing any type of multiple bets they are a much riskier proposition than you picking out one single winner, however when the day arrives, if it ever does when you pick out six winning selections with decent odds attached to them you really can win big!

Lucky 63 Bet Explained
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football betting slips

How To Place Scorecast Bets

Some types of bets that are going to be offered to you at many betting site are going to have some huge and very attractive odds attached to them, and one type of bet that is growing in popularity is known as a Scorecast bet.

Those bets can be quite risky bets to place for you are required to predict two things happening in any upcoming football match you wish to place such a bet on, but they really can pay off big style when everything you do predict happens.

What you are faced with doing is to first study the players that are scheduled to take to the pitch in any football match, and then pick out one of them that you are convinced is going to score the very first goal of the match.

Not only do you have to correctly predict the first goal scorer but you have to also correctly predict the final score of that match too, and both the player you name and the score you predict must be the correct ones for that bet to be a winning one, and the odds will vary dependent of course on the player and the result you select.

Place Scorecast Bets at Paddy Power

As far as betting sites that are going to be worth betting at, one that I just know is going to be offering you by far and away the largest range of Scorecast bets is Paddy Power, and thanks to their huge sign up bonus you should be thinking about opening an account with them sooner rather than later.

football betting slips

As is always the case if you do fancy bagging their welcome bonus click through to their site by using our links and then take a look at the terms and conditions of that offer for details of how to claim it and the suchlike.

Anytime Wincast Bets are Similar to Scorecast Bets

You may be of the mind that placing a Scorecast is a little too risky and would much prefer placing a similar type of bet but one that isn’t as high risk, and if so then allow me to enlighten you on an alternative bet that is known as an Any Wincast bet.

How those bets have been designed is that you are going to have to simply name one player who you think will score at ANY time in a match and then also pick one of the two teams as the one you think will win that match too.

As long as the player you choose does land one in the back of the net, and not his own net by the way, at any point in a match and the team you also pick to win does go on to win then your Anytime Wincast bet will be a winning one.

The odds you will be offered however can and will be different depending on the player you choose and of course the team you think will win a match, but they are certainly a fun bet to place and one that Paddy Power will let you place by the way!

How To Place Scorecast Bets
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acca odds and betting guide

Acca Bets and Acca Bonuses

Football fans really have warmed to the football coupon bets available at all bookies, however as you are going to find hundreds of different betting sites offering such bets, you should be actively seeking out those that are going to give you added incentives for placing Acca or Accumulator bets at their respective sites.

With that in mind below I am going to be giving you a few pointers as to where you should be placing such bets, for there are some money back offers and Acca insurance deals available at quite a number of our featured betting sites.

However, let me first enlighten you on just what an Acca bet is, for reference that is the shortened version of the name Accumulator if you are wondering.

An Acca bet is simply one single bet on which you can place any number of selections on any sporting events, and you are going to then have to see each of your selections and predictions winning their respective sporting event for your bet to be deemed to be a winning one.

acca odds and betting guide

By doing so the stakes and winnings from each selection will roll over to the next selection and continue doing so for each selection you have made. It is the odds on each of your selections and the number of selections you made that will ultimately determine what your winnings will be.

The only downside and risks attached to placing an Acca type of bet is that if one or more selections lose their respective sporting event then so does your bet, unless of course you have placed you bet at a betting site offering some form of Acca insurance!

Best Betting Sites to Place Acca Bets At

I would actively encourage you to check out three or our approved betting sites if you do fancy placing an Accumulator or Acca bet, and those betting sites are 10 Bet, BetFred and Coral.

The reasons for me pointing you towards those betting sites is that each of them is offering some unique and exclusive promotional offers and deals on such bets.

You could for example receive a bonus winning pay-out dependent on just how many selections you have made on your Acca bet, so the more of them you do pick and the more of them that win the bigger those bonus pay-outs can become.

Acca insurance will usually kick in when you have placed five or more selections on your Accumulator bet but one of them loses, and by doing so the betting site will then give you a refund of your stake money, up to a certain amount which you will get awarded to you as a free bet.

Whilst the odds of you winning when placing an Acca bet may be high, so are the rewards of placing a winning one, and you really can win some significant amounts of cash even when you are only betting small modest amounts on such bets, so do occasionally consider placing one of them!

Acca Bets and Acca Bonuses
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