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Plenty of Premier League Betting Opportunities Today

Plenty of Premier League Betting Opportunities Today 1

Being a Saturday you are of course going to find more than enough betting opportunities available it you in each English and Scottish Premier League, and for those of you that are trying to make sense of today’s Premier League betting opportunities, then below I will try and help you do just that.

The odds you will see listed alongside each of the Premier League teams that I hope are going to win today are on offer over at the Coral betting site, which is certainly worth signing up to today as well if you haven’t yet got an account with them, as their sign up offer is worth claiming for sure.

I think it’s fair and true to say that there would be uproar if Chelsea didn’t come out on top and win their match this afternoon against Brighton, and most bookies are convinced that they are going to win that match and as such their odds reflect that teams chance of success today.

Therefore do not expect to find overly generous odds on Chelsea, however with most betting sites, betting apps and bookies shops offering punters odds of 4/9 those odds are reasonable given the very obvious chance of a Chelsea win, and the draw odds are around 15/4 and loyal Brighton fans will be more than happy to take the 13/2 they are being offered at most bookies.

Tottenham Look a Fair Bet

Another team that is being offered at the exact same odds of Chelsea to win their Premier League match this afternoon is Tottenham and as such they do look something of a rock-solid bet at 4/9, but do shop around as you may just find a bookie offering ever so slightly higher odds if you are lucky.

If on the other hand you think that the match is much more likely to do the way of a Southampton win, then you are going to be part of a small minority of punters, but you will be impressed with the odds bookies will be offering you on that outcome with are 13/2 and the draw odds for reference are 19/5.

Crystal Palace Look a Very Fair Bet Today Too

If you are thinking of putting together an acca bet, then I would also advise you to consider adding the two teams that I am going to be enlightening you on the first of those matches is the Crystal Palace vs Norwich match.

As for the odds that are being offered on the three possible outcomes on that match, you can get odds of 19/20 on the home team winning that match, 11/4 on the match going the way of a draw and the away team are 29/10, and as such I do think Crystal Place are in with a very good chance of winning that match.

One other team that should win in the Bournemouth vs West Ham ate the home team and as for whether they will or not, well their odds are 7/5 so they are certainly in with a chance of winning, that’s for sure.