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World Championship Qualifiers for Monday the 15th of April

World Championship Qualifiers for Monday the 15th of April 1

Today is another day when a plethora of World Championship Snooker Qualifiers are going to be played off, and looking over the betting markets this morning, it is very clear some of the snooker players scheduled to play their respective matches are red-hot favourites to do so.

Take for example the Ali Carter vs Jimmy White match that is one of the very first ones that will be in play this morning at 10:00, Carter has been backed off the boards and as such his win odds are pathetically low at 1/25, however Jimmy White fans can bag massive odds on him winning that match of 17/2 at betting sites such as Paddy Power.

Another match starting at 10am this morning is the Ben Woollaston vs Nigel Bond match and fortunately the favourite to win that match that being Woollaston has some slightly more appealing odds attached to him those being 2/9.

That is a match that could of course go the way of either player, however at Bond isn’t exactly in what you could ever call the form of his life, then even though he is being offered at odds of 11/4 to win that match  it is difficult to make a case for him.

Li Hang vs Ian Burns

All things consider in the Li Hang vs Ian Burns match; Hang does have an excellent chance of winning that match which I do know is a view shared by many punters.

However, do not expect to be rewarded with overly generous odds on him winning that match for the bets odds I have so far come across this morning are 3/10, but win that match he should do considering his opponents win odds are 11/5!

Plenty of Other Qualifiers Today

Mark King is on offer at even money to beat Lu Ning in their match today, and when though Ning is the 8/11 favourite to win, I do have a feeling that match may just go the way of King and if you share that view then Paddy Power is where you are going to be offered those even money odds by the way.

Even money odds are also readily available this morning on Matthew Stevens to beat Chris Wakelin and much like the match named directly above the odds on the latter named player are 8/11 too.

Who do you think is going to win in the Michael White vs John Astley match this morning? Well, some punters do think White is going to come out on top and that is reflected in his 4/7 win odds, but it could pay dividends to back Astley at his much more favourable and higher win odd sin that match of 5/4.

One other match which probably is guaranteed to go the way of the favourite is the Pang Junxu vs Kurt Maflin match and it is Maflin who is the favourite to win at tiny outright winner odds of just 1/25.