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Best Odds on All Premier League Weekend Matches

Best Odds on All Premier League Weekend Matches 1

It is of course this weekend that Premier League football returns to our TV screens, and you may also be lucky enough to be visiting any of the grounds and be planning watching one of those matches in person, and if you are also planning placing a few bets on any matches this weekend the 24th and 25th of November 2018 then please do read on.

Below I am going to be taking a look at a handful of matches that are certainly worth betting on in the Premier League this coming weekend, and the odds I will be quoting are those that are up on offer currently at the MintBet betting site.

As for which team is likely to win the Everton v Cardiff, well the majority of football fans and punters alike cannot see any other outcome of that match than a decisive win for the home team who can be backed at reasonable odds it does have to be said of 4/9, the draw is available to punters at MintBet at odds of 10/3 and Cardiff have an uphill task of winning at their odds of 7/1!

Bournemouth v Arsenal

How do you fancy the chances of Arsenal winning against Bournemouth this weekend? Well if that is a result that you think will happen, you are not alone!

Arsenal are on offer as some tidy odds of even money at MintBet and you should act fast if you want those overly generous odds, however the draw is available at some high odds too of 11/4 and as for the chances of Bournemouth winning that match, MintBet think they are worth win odds of 13/5!

Matches to Include in Your Acca Bets

You are going to find some very reasonable and tempting odds available on all other Premier League matches that are being played this weekend over at the MintBet betting site and if you are thinking about placing an Acca bet this weekend then here are a few teams to include in such a bet.

Fulham are playing at home against Southampton this weekend and I think they have a great chance of winning at odds of 8/5, you should also have Man Utd on an Acca bet too for at 4/11 they should make mincemeat of Crystal Palace this weekend!

Regarding the Watford v Liverpool match, if Liverpool do not come out on top and win that match then there is something wrong, and their odds of doing just that are worth taking at 8/15.

I think the most likely outcome of the weekend match between Brighton v Leicester match will be a win for Leicester and as far as just what odds you can currently secure on the, well they are a 6/4 shot to win that match.

In the West Ham v Man City match it is difficult to see the match going any other way that a win for Manchester City who are currently up for grabs at odds of 1/4!