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Bet Now on Tonight’s UFC 236 Bouts

Bet Now on Tonight’s UFC 236 Bouts 1

The clock is of course ticking down until the starting time of the many UFC 236 bouts that are scheduled to be fought overnight tonight, and with that in mind I am going to be looking at the current state of those betting markets in today’s betting news story.

You do of course need to bear in mind that not all betting sites are going to be offering you betting markets on each of those UFC 236 bouts, and those that do may not be offering you the best odds on each fighter either, but one betting site that has every match chalked up and each boxer with some decent odds attached to them is our top rated Betfred betting site, so get your bets placed there is my advice!

A couple of fighters that are expected to win the first couple of UFC 236 bouts of the evening includes the bout that starts at 23:15 tonight that being one that Davis is expected to win against  Costa and the odds you will be rewarded with if you do choose to back him right now at the BetFred betting site are 4/7 11/8

4/7 win odds are also on offer on the favourite fighter to win the 23:45 bout tonight and that is the Mueller v Botelho UFC 236 bout, and as for which of the two fighters that favourite is, well it will probably not surprise you to learn that it is Botelho that is the 4/7 favourite to win it!

The Pick of the UFC 236 Bouts on the 14th of April 2019

At 00:15 tomorrow morning the Jackson v Soukhamthath bout will be starting and looking at the win odds that are attached to Jackson, you cannot possibly bet on his opponent for Jackson’s odds are tiny and he is easily expected to win that bout at 1/6!

 As for the 00:45 bout that of course being the Millender v Muhammad bout, I will leave It up to you to decide just which fighter to back suffice to say their odds are 11/10 and 8/11 respectively over at the BetFred betting site.

Other UFC 236 Bouts worth a Punt

Moving onto the 01:15 Salmon v Taha bout, the smart money has been coming in for Salmon, and that has resulted in his outright win odds now being reduced to just 4/6 to win that bout, but his opponent could also win do not forget that and some punters think he is going to do just that and have been taking the 6/5 odds at BetFred on him doing so!

As for the way that the 01:45 Griffin v Imadaev bout will end, well Griffin is a fair bet at odds of even money but it may just be the case and at odds of 4/5 that Imadaev will come out on top, and in the 02:15 Reis v Pantoja bout it looks like Pantoja is going to win for plenty of punters out there have been taking the 8/13 odds on him doing just that.