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Latest Saul Alvarez v Daniel Jacobs Match Odds

Latest Saul Alvarez v Daniel Jacobs Match Odds 1

It is a boxing match that most punters are of the mind is only going to end one way, and I am of course taking about the Saul Alvarez v Daniel Jacobs match that will be broadcast live this coming Sunday morning, and it may just be a match that you fancy having a financial interest in.

If that is the case the I doubt you are going to find it easy to back the favourite to win that match at huge odds, for I have spent quite some time this morning trying to find a sportsbook offering decent win odds on that favourite, that of course being Saul Alvarez, and the best odds I have so far seen being offered are 1/4!

There is of course always the chance that Daniel Jacobs could beat the odds and win that match, however he is going to need everything to go his way if he is going to have any chance of winning, and most bookies are of the mind he has no chance of doing so and as such have him chalked up at win odds of around 16/5!

It still amazes me to this day how many punters are prepared to back the draw one rather one sided boxing matches such as this one, however that may be something you are more than happy to do and if so draw odds of around 18/1 are available all over the web!

Name the Round the Match Will End

It is up to you whether you do want to have a bet on this long awaited boxing match, however do keep in mind there are plenty of other betting opportunities available, including but not limited to the round betting markets which are bound to spark an interest in plenty of punters.

You can bet the match ends in rounds 1-3 at 9/1, or place a bet that it will finish in rounds 4-6 at 13/2, as for the odds on the match ending in rounds 7-9 they are 6/1, and if you bet it will end in rounds 10-12 you should be able to secure odds of 9/1 quite easily, for the match to go the distance though you will only find odds of around the 1/2  being offered to you.

Bet on the Method of Victory

The method of victory betting markets are always going to be worth a quick glance, for you could be tempted to place that type of bet if you have an idea as to just who is going to win this match and how they are going to win it too.

Let’s look at the offerings at just what odds can be obtained if you do a little hunting around the web. Most bookies have Saul Alvarez to win on Points at odds of 5/6 and for him to win by a KO/TKO/DQ or a Technical Decision at better odds of 12/5.

You may fancy the chances of Daniel Jacobs to win on Points and if so make sure you do not take odds lower than 11/2 on that betting option, and as for the value in the odds of Daniel Jacobs to win by either a KO/TKO/DQ or a Technical Decision it shouldn’t be too difficult to bag odds of 7/1.