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Early Betting on the Men’s US Open

Early Betting on the Men's US Open 1

It cannot possibly have escaped your notice that very shortly the 2019 running of the Men’s US Open will be in play, and therefore now is going to be one of the best times to start hunting around and comparing the odds on any golfers you rate and feel have the very best chance of winning that tennis tournament.

To give you some ideas as to which players are currently being backed on the early betting markets for the 2019 running of the Men’s US Open, below I will be revealing just which golfers they are and what their current outright winner odds are too.

With such a large field of players that are going to be taking their chances in this tournament, if you are prepared to look further than the favourite who for reference is Djokovic at 6/5, then some high odds can be bagged right now.

As for which players are going to be worth having a bet on, well one that you can always rely on to give you a good run for your money is Nadal and some of you will be prepared to take your chances on him at his current odds of 9/2.

One Half the Win Odds Betting Each-Way

 It can often pay dividends to back some of the outsiders to win a tournament of this nature based on their huge current win odds, but with one half of the win odds to two places being available to each-way bettors then that may be a much better type of bet to place.

However, some of you may not be prepares to take too many risks when betting and if that is the case then pone player that could be worth a punt each-way is Federer and if you do rate his chances then make sure you do not take odds any lower than 5/1.

Where the Value Lays

The bets value is going to be on any of the three players up above as long as you can pick out and secure some decent pay-out odds on each of them, which may be easier to say than actually do.

However, there are a few outsiders that whilst not having the most obvious choice of success of winning this year do have a slight chance of winning or even finishing in second spot.

Therefore if you do want some additional betting opportunities at some fairly decent odds too then some other players that may just be worth having a small bet on include the licks of Medvedev at 18/1, along with players such as both Zverev at 20/1 and Tsitsipas at 25/1 or even players such as Nishikori, Thiem and Cilic all currently easy to bet on and back at odds of 28/1.