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Bet Now on the Singapore Grand Prix

Bet Now on the Singapore Grand Prix 1

The very next Grand Prix on the calendar is of course the Singapore Grand Prix which will be live this coming Sunday the 22nd of September, and for those of you that are unaware it is over at the extremely tricky circuit that being the Marina Bay Circuit that race will be held at.

You will of course have plenty of choice of drivers to bet on, but for those of you that tend to follow the money, well there is only one driver you should be backing and that is of course Lewis Hamilton whose odds, it does have to be said are fairly decent for once, those odds being around the 11/8 mark.

Now you know who the current favourite is to win the Singapore Grand Prix this year it is also worth me pointing out that right now Max Verstappen is on offer at odds of 7/4, and there is a good chance he will win this race if everything goes his way.

As you now know just which two drivers are being the ones that are being backed you may be much more of the mindset that it will be another driver and one that isn’t currently being backed that will win and one driver that could win is Valtteri Bottas at 11/2.

Decent Each-Way Betting Terms Also Available

There is of course nothing stopping you from backing either the first or second favourite if you think they are going to win this race, but you can also place any number of each-way bets and wagers on any of the outsiders to win too.

By doing just that at bookies such as Coral, who for reference are one of our approved betting sites, they are paying out to punters backing each-way one fifth of the win odds to three places on this race this year, so do consider placing such a bet if you think one of the outsiders will finish in one of the top three positions.

Much Bigger odds on All Other Drivers

It will of course ultimately be the level of risk that you want to have attached to any bets and wagers as to just which drivers you do fancy backing and there is always the chance that drivers such as Alexander Albon could win and if you think he will then back him now whilst his odd are around the  13/2 mark.

For those of you looking for the best odds on drivers that have a fair but not too great chance of winning the Singapore Grand Prix, you can back the likes of Charles Leclerc at 10/1 and also bet on Sebastian Vettel at 12/1 too right now.

I wouldn’t bother looking at further for the most likely winner of the Singapore Grand Prix this year for the nest drivers in the betting are being offered at huge odds of 750/1 and they are Carlos Sainz, Daniel Ricciardo, Lando Norris and Nico Hulkenberg.