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Latest Betting Update on the Australian Grand Prix

Latest Betting Update on the Australian Grand Prix 1

The next Grand Prix event in the racing calendar is of course the Australian Grand Prix, and for those of you that fancy betting on that race you will have until the 17th of March to get your bets placed, as that is the day when it is taking place over in Melbourne Australia.

Betting sites are going to be offering you futures betting markets right up until the starting time of that race and one driver that is attracting plenty of support is the Ferrari driver S. Vettel, and if you place a bet on him at BetFred right now you are going to be rewarded with some decent odds it does have to be said for they are offering him at odds of 15/8!

Whether he will win or not does of course remain to be seen, but there are a couple of other drivers that punters are latching onto and betting on the first of whom is the Mercedes driver L. Hamilton at odds of 9/4

The only other drive that is currently attracting plenty of support is the current third favourite that being the Ferrari driver C. Leclerc, and for those of you that do fancy his chances he is a rock solid bet  and is available at odds of 5/2.

Who Else Could Win?

If you are looking to back some other drivers who albeit have a lower chance of winning but have some much better odds attached to them, then consider backing the likes of the Red Bull driver M. Verstappen as you an back him at odds of 15/2.

There could be chance that the Mercedes driver V. Bottas finds his very best form in the race and if so then the 12/1 odds are looking generous, and one other driver to consider who is available at high odds but not as huge as the other remaining drivers is the Red Bull driver P. Gasly and as far as the odds you can bag on him those odds are 40/1.

Drivers with No Hope of Winning

It is going to be one of the drivers I have listed up above that is going to win this year’s Australian Grand Prix I am 100% confident of that, and it will probably be one of the first three drivers I have listed up above rather than the second lot of three drivers that will win.

But I just know that some punters cannot help themselves when betting on events such as this one and are always going to be tempted to place some bets on the rank outsiders to win, even though there is probably no chance what so ever their bets will come off and win.

But it is always going to be up to you just which drivers if any you do back and if you want to try and win some mega amounts of cash then you may be interested in backing the likes of either of the drivers those being both N. Hulkenberg and D. Ricciardo for their odds are 250/1, and all other drivers not yet named are available at odds between 300/1 and 1000/1 at the BetFred sportsbook!