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Each-Way Sharks Circling the Denford Stakes

Each-Way Sharks Circling the Denford Stakes 1

Many punters are going to be taking their chances betting in the Denford Stakes this year and that race that is being held over at the Newbury racecourse on Saturday the 17th of August is one that does offer you plenty of betting opportunities.

However, as for whether many of you out there are going to  want to take the risk that the favourite, that being Juan Elcano is going to come out on top and win, well I will leave that up to you, suffice to say though that the very best odds you are going to be offered are around the 5/4 mark.

You could find ever so slightly better odds than 5/4 if you head on over to a betting change such as the one that Betfair has to offer all punters, but there has been and continues to be plenty of money coming in for that horse, so the odds are likely to drop even on a betting exchange in the days ahead.

I think therefore that the very best value may be had by you picking out a horse that you think has a chance of winning but also one that has the greatest chance of getting placed and then backing that horse each-way as opposed to backing it to win the race outright.

One Fifth the Win Odds

I doubt you are going to find a single bookie that will be offering much better each-way betting terms than one fifth of the win odds and one that is paying out to three places on this race too.

However, it can always pay to do some hunting around and comparing the each-way betting terms for you may find a bookie out there that is prepared to offer slightly higher and better each-way betting terms, but you will have your word cut out trying to find one on this race, I’m sure of that.

The Rest of the Field

By looking at the make-up of this race and the current form figures on each of the other runners you will soon come to the conclusion that there are only three other horses that have any major chance what so ever of winning this race and they are Sun Power at 3/1, Thunderous at 4/1 and Wyclif at 11/2.

For those of you that fancy taking your chances on some of the horses with much higher odds attached to them then consider a bet on the likes of Pyledriver and Sesame Birah who are both 9/1, Buhturi at 12/1, but don’t expect to win with such bets.

As for the current win odds on the last few remaining runners in this race, well their high odds are there for the taking and those horses and their resistive odds are Frankel’s Storm at 16/1, Lost Empire at 20/1 Ziggle Pops, Nirodha and Walkonby are all around 25/1.