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Latest Odds on the World Cup of Darts

Latest Odds on the World Cup of Darts 1

As soon as the matches start in this years World Cup of Darts tournament, which will be on Thursday of this week, the odds are going to start to fluctuate wildly on each nation taking part in that event, so below I will be showcasing to you the odds on some of the most fancied nations to win that tournament.

You should look through the huge list of nations that are competing in the World Cup of Darts and then look at which players are playing for each of them, for that way you will soon discover why it is that the Netherlands are 11/4 favourites to win this event, and that is a popular bet currently.

If you are of the mindset that it won’t be the Netherlands that will win this tournament this year, then you have plenty of other betting opportunities, and there has been a fair amount of support for both England and Scotland who are now on offer at odds of 3/1.

Another UK nation that are not without a chance of success in the World Cup of Darts tournament this year are Wales, and there is still time to secure some generous odd son them winning for they are currently tracing and on offer at around the 13/2 mark at most bookies sites.

Half of the Win Odds for Each-Way Bets

With the odds so high currently on most of the teams competing in the 2019 World Cup of Darts, you may be prepared to place an each-way bet as opposed to an outright winner bet, and if so there is only one bookies you should be betting with,

That is the Coral Sportsbook, for the terms of their each-way betting opportunities on this event are such that they are paying out to two places and will be paying out on those two places at one half of the win odds too.

Teams with Mid-Ranged Odds Attached to Them

Plenty of nations are being offered at outright win odds of at the very least 200/1 at betting site such as the Coral Sportsbook, but in all fairness to those nations they have very little chance of winning his tournament or even getting placed high up on the leader board either.

There are however some mid-priced teams that are in with a chance and whilst they will of course need everything to fall their way they may be worth backing if you do fancy the chances of any of those mid-priced teams.

They include the likes of the Northern Ireland team who look a fair bet when you take everything into account at 12/1. Austria at 20/1 and both Australia and Belgium at 25/1 are there interesting bets to say the least,

SA few teams that do look up against it but their odds are there for the taking are Germany at 33/1, the Republic of Ireland at 50/1 and Poland who can be backed at some hefty odds right now of around the 66/1 mark too.