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Challenge Cup 2019 Betting

Challenge Cup 2019 Betting 1

You have left it far too late in the day if you fancy the chances of St Helens to win the Challenge Cup tournament outright, for the bets odds that have been offered on them winning have long since gone, so much so they are now the 5/6 odds-on favourite to win.

Whilst you can of course still take those odds if you get a move on and do fancy the chance of St Helens being crowned this year’s champions, some punters are unlikely to find those odd not too appealing and as such will be looking around to see if any other team does have what it takes to win.

As for just what other team could beat St Helens and be crowned the winner of this year’s Challenge Cup, Warrington are still in there fighting and it would be that much of a shock if they did manage to win.

There is still some value waiting to be mopped up regarding the outright winner odds attached dot Warrington, for there are plenty of sportsbooks and betting sites that have them listed dup at win odds as high as 2/1, so do hunt around if you do think they are going to win this year.

Hull FC the Current Third Favourite to Win

The high volumes of cash that have so far been placed on both St Helens and Warrington have kept their respective odds low and as such there isn’t much value to be had by backing either of those two teams.

Whilst admittedly it does look like the winner of the Challenge Cup this year will be one of those two teams there is still the chance that Hull FC could improve on their form and win, and if you think that they are going to do just that you can back them at odds of 4/1 at no end of bookies sites.

What Odds on Bradford or Halifax Winning?

With such huge volumes of cash being wagered on the likes of St Helens and Warrington to win this year’s Challenge Cup, you are going to find that the final two teams that are competing in that competition are hardly being backed.

Whilst there is no doubt in my mind that some very avid and loyal supports of Bradford and Halifax will be backing them to win the Challenge Cup, the is no real confidence from punters and pundits that either of them will win, and as such the odds on offer are huge.

Take for example the odds that you can currently secure on Bradford, they are 80/1, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if those odds started to get even higher, for they do have very little chance of winning the Challenge Cup this season.

Then you have Halifax, who it does have to say need to have a major upturn in their form if they are to have any chance what so ever of winning the Challenge Cup this year, but on the balance of form they do have no real chance of winning and that is why they are very easy to back at odds of 100/1.