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Best Game Line Odds on Tomorrows NBA Games

Best Game Line Odds on Tomorrows NBA Games 1

If basketball is your game, then make sure you head on over to the BetFred betting site if you fancy betting on any of this weekend’s NBA matches, for I doubt you are going to find any higher game line odds that those that betting site currently have on offer.

As far as betting on the Boston Celtics v Cleveland Cavaliers match goes though, you will probably be best advised to include the Celtics to win that match as part of an Acca bet for at their current win odds of 1/12 you won’t win much betting them on their own to win that match!

The same could also be said for the Detroit Pistons who are on offer at short odds-on of 1/5 to beat the Chicago Bulls on their match tomorrow, and do keep in mind that bookies such as BetFred will let you perm together as many NBA and other basketball matches a you like in any Acca type of bet you fancy placing with them.

Much better balanced odds are however up for grabs on the Charlotte Hornets v Utah Jazz match and those odds are 4/5 on a Hornet win and 21/20 on the Utah Jazz team coming out on top and winning that match!

Oklahoma City Thunder v Atlanta Hawks

You will no doubt be of the mind, much like I am, that the Oklahoma City Thunder v Atlanta Hawks  match is something of a foregone conclusion, for there is no way in the world that the first named team are going to lose that match and it would be a major shock if they did!

The odds however are not what anybody could call appealing on Oklahoma City Thunder to come out on top and win that match as they are 1/14 to do so, but are you brave enough to oppose them and bet on the Hawks to win that match and take the 7/1 odds that BetFred are offering punters right now?

Additional NBA Games Lines

There are some additional NBA matches tomorrow that you may just fancy betting on and the match between the Miami Heat and the New Orleans Pelicans sees odds currently being offered on Miami Heat of 5/4 and odds of 4/6 on the Pelicans winning that match.

As for just where the smart money is going on the Philadelphia 76ers v Washington Wizards NBA match tomorrow, well it is the 76ers that are attracting the most support on that betting market so much so they are the 3/10 favourites to win and the Wizards are 5/2.

Moving onto the Los Angeles Lakers v Dallas Mavericks match the Lakers are expected to win that match of course and that is reflected in their game lines of 4/7 as opposed to 7/5 on the Mavericks.

The final MBA match being played out tomorrow is the Portland Trail Blazers v Denver Nuggets match and as far as the game lines on that match, the Blazers are 7/10 and the Nuggets are 23/20 to win.