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Monaco Grand Prix Team Betting Market

Monaco Grand Prix Team Betting Market 1

Many punters are going to be watching the Monaco Grand Prix that will be in play this coming weekend, and they will also be placing all manner of bets and wagers on the drivers they think will win that race too.

However, never forget that each of our featured sports betting site are going to be offering you lots of different betting markets on that race, and one that may be of interest to you is the name the team to win betting market.

The odds are going to be lower on the teams that are expected to win of course, however with teams such as Mercedes on offer at win odds of 3/10 and with Red Bull being chalked up as the second favourite to win at odds of 9/4, those are the two teams that are currently being heavily backed by savvy punters.

Do You Rate Team Ferrari?

I think that there is only one other team that could be worth placing a small bet on if you think those two teams mentioned above are not going to live up to the hype, and that is of course team Ferrari, who whilst needing some luck could just come out on top.

As for whether it is going to be worth your time and trouble betting on them to win, well I will leave that decision up to you, suffice to say however that you should have no difficulties getting odds on them winning of around the 7/1 mark.

The Rank Outsiders and No Hopers

Most punters are of the mindset that each of the other teams and drivers are only going to be at the Monaco Grand Prix to make the numbers up, for all the other teams and their respective drivers are not expected to win this event this year.

That will soon become very apparent to you as soon as you take a look at the odds attached to all other teams to win, for if you look at the Renault and Haas teams in the betting markets you will see they are both on offer at huge odds of 400/1 to win.

In fact, the odds on McLaren and Toro Rosso are even higher at  500/1, and there will not be a huge number of punters lining up to back the likes of Alfa Romeo and Racing Point at their win odds of 750/1 and the same can certainly be said of the Williams team for they are the complete no hopers in the Monaco Grand Prix this year with odds attached to them of 1000/1!

What I would however advise anybody that does fancy taking their chances by backing any of he outsiders to win the Monaco Grand Prix this year, is head on over to Betfair, for you are going to find much higher odds available at that betting exchange than you are going  to find being offered to you by a bookies site or bookies app when you do so.

In fact, you are of course also going to be able to offer you own set of odds to punters on Betfair if you ant to lay bets on this race rather than simply place bets on the team or drivers you think are going to win.