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Early Odds on NFL Division Winners

Early Odds on NFL Division Winners 1

All manner of early betting markets are now going live at lots of different betting sites, and if you are an avid fan of the NFL then you may fancy taking your chances by trying to name a team you think is going to win any of the NFL Divisions this season.

You can pick out just one single team if you prefer and place a bet on them or even perm several different teams in different Divisions and play them in a Double or Acca type o bet, the choice is yours to make, and below are the team that are currently the favourites to win each of their Divisions, along with their currently early odds too.

Let me start off looking at the team that is most fancied at this stage of the early betting to be crowned the champion team in the AFC East Division, and that team are the New England Patriots who are being offered sadly at rather unappealing and low  outright win odds of just 2/9 at most betting sites.

The odds on the favourite team to win the AFC West Division are not much better than those odds on the team above, however the team to the AFC West that most punters are backing are the Kansas City Chiefs and their odds are 8/1.

Take 7/4 on the Chicago Bears

There is some value still to be had though on the early Division betting markets and one team that have an excellent and fair chance of winning the NFC North Division are the Chicago Bears and their odds of doing so are much more respectable at 7/4.

Over in the NFC West Division it looks like most of the early betting for that Division has been pouring in for the Los Angeles Rams, for their odds are just 4/7 to win that Division but win it they may just do.

Additional Betting Opportunities

If you have an interest in the AFC North Division then you will not need me to tell you that the team that is most likely to win that Division title this upcoming season based on their performance last season are the Cleveland Browns and their odds of taking the title this season are 11/8.

As for whether it will be worth your time, money and effort betting on the team that you think is the one that could in the NFC East Division, well its fair to say that the Philadelphia Eagles have a good chance of doing just that at odds right now of 10/11.

The one other Division that bookies are offering odds on  is the NFC South Division and it is the mighty New Orleans Saints that are leading the way on that betting market and if you do rate their chances then please get your bets placed soon rather than later on them, for their current 8/13 may not be around for very much longer and those odds may end up much shorter soon too.