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BDO Women’s World Trophy

BDO Women's World Trophy 1

It is the men’s BDO World Trophy darts tournament that usually attracts the most support from sports bettors and punters, however this year there are some extremely generous odds being offered on the women’s event, and that is where you are going to get some of the best betting value.

It is the highly respected and experienced Lisa Ashton that is most punters number one choice this year and if you do fancy and rate her chances of winning that tournament then now is the time to back her for I have seen numerous betting sites and betting apps offering odds of 5/2 on her to win.

The second favourite in the early betting markets is Mikuru Suzuki and with odds of 7/2 on offer on her they are high enough for many punters to take a chance on her winning, it is Fallon Sherrock who has been installed as the third favourite and her odds for reference are very decent right now being as she is offered at odds of 13/2 at most bookies sites.

Could One of the 10/1 Shots Win?

Those of you that are not afraid of backing some to the players that are being offered at double digit odds, are bound to be tempted to back players such as Aileen de Graaf, Anastasia Dobromyslova and possibly also Deta Hedman too.

Each of them can be backed at no end of betting sites today at double digit odds of 10/1, and it is worth pointing out that with most bookies offering each-way betting terms of one third of the win odds to tow places too, there is value waiting to be mopped up by backing some of those players each-way this year.

Other Each-Way Possibilities

Lorraine Winstanley is one of the other players that could land a top two position in this tournament this year even though her early odds appear to give her very little chance, those odds are by the way 12/1 and the same could be said also about players such as Maria O’Brien who is 18/1 or even Laura Turner at 22/1.

However, if you do want to risk a bet on any of the other outsiders then you are much lore likely to find some much higher odds being offered to you on a  betting exchange such as Betfair than the odds a bookie will be offering you.

As for just what odds bookies are offering right now on some of the outsiders, well you can get odds of at the very least 25/1 on the likes of players such as Casey Gallagher, Corrine Hammond, Paula Jacklin and Trina Gulliver and one other player is Sharon Prins who is a 33/1 shot.

But please do as mentioned regarding backing any of the outsider and shop around and do checkout what odds a betting exchange is offering you for there is no doubt in my mind that you will get some much better value as such a site than at a bookies site or app when backing any of the outsiders to win this tournament this year.