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Bet on Who Will be the Next PM of the UK

Bet on Who Will be the Next PM of the UK 1

It is of course another Bank Holiday in the UK today, and whilst you can bet on and also watch plenty of different sporting events today, you may fancy placing something of a novelty bet, and one that could pay-out for you if you do have an interest in politics is the current betting markets on who is going to be the next Prime Minister in the UK.

There are loads of contenders for the job, however having been touted as the next PM for quite some time, you will not be too surprised to discover that it is Boris Johnson that is attracting the most support from punters, so much so that his current odds of being the next PM are 13/8.

The next person in the betting, could be overpriced, for that is Dominic Raab who many people think is a much better proposition to become the next PM than Boris, and if you do fancy his chances then you should be mopping up the generally available odds of 4/1 that most bookies have him chalked up at.

Boris Back Stabber Michael Gove

I think it’s very fair and true to say that there is no love lost between Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, however Gove does reckon his chances of becoming the next PM have never been as great and if you fancy backing him then you should have no problem being able to get odds of 5/1 on him today.

There are some people in the Tory Party that would love to see Jeremy Hunt as the next Prime Minister, however he is currently being touted by all bookies at double digit win odds, so if you are of the mindset he is in with a chance try and get odds of around 12/1 when backing him.

Other People Being Backed

History does tell us that even though one person could be the red-hot favourite to become the next Prime Minister of the UK, that person may not go on to do so, and as such you any fancy having a small speculative punt on some of the outsiders.

He has recently been slagging off Boris Johnson and has said he couldn’t back him as Prime Minster, and Rory Stewart could be the dark horse in the race to become the next PM of the UK and his odds of doing so are 16/1.

Then you have Andrea Leadsom who does fancy her own chance of becoming the next Prime Minister, as to whether she is going to be able to garner enough support and secure enough votes to get the keys to Number 10 does of course remain to be seen, however having said that her odds are solid at 18/1.

For all you sceptics out there that are completely convinced that the next Prime Minister is going to be voted in by a General Election, and think it will be Jeremy Corbyn that will take the top job, he can be backed at rather short odds, all thing considered, and those odds are 20/1.