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NHL Western Conference Winner Betting Markets

NHL Western Conference Winner Betting Markets 1

Make sure that you get on over to the BetHard betting site if you are an avid ice hockey fan, for there is no doubt in my mind you are going to come across a huge array of different betting markets many of which are going to appeal to you directly.

One that did catch my eye this morning is the BetHard NHL Western Conference winner betting market, for there are plenty of teams in with a chance of being crowned the champions of that conference and some tempting odds are on offer too.

Unlike, most other conferences and division in the NHL currently, there is no what you would call red-hot favourite to win the Western Conference, and as such the odds on the teams that head the betting markets are high.

Take for example a team that quite a lot of you out there will fancy the chances of, that being the Winnipeg Jets they are easy to bet at odds of 7/2, and then you have the likes of the Calgary Flames who are not far behind them in the betting at odds of 4/1.

Other Highly Fancied Teams

The betting odds usually do all of the talking when it comes to betting markets such as this one, and as such if you think it will be the Nashville Predators that will head this conference and take the title for it then their win odds are 5/1, making them the third favourite currently in the betting.

You then have the likes of the San Jose Sharks who are in with a fair chance of winning at their odds of 6/1, and you can also back the Vegas Golden Knights at odds of 8/1 or even back Colorado Avalanche who has a reasonable chance of winning at their odds of 9/1.

Teams With Lesser of a Winning Chance

The Dallas Stars are currently on offer at odds of 18/1, so it is hard to see them winning unless they improve their form massively, and the same could also be said for the Anaheim Ducks who at win odds of 20/1 have only a very slight chance of winning.

Three teams can all be backed at odds of 22/1 and they are the Minnesota Wild, the Edmonton Oilers and also the Vancouver Canucks, but it is very hard to see any of them coming out on top; however anything is possible in NHL!

As for the teams that you will probably be better off avoiding when it comes to placing a bet on who you think will be heading this conference at the end of the season, well there are four of them each of which have huge odds attached to them.

Two of those teams are trading at or around the 40/1 mark and they are the St. Louis Blues and the Arizona Coyotes, and then you have the Los Angeles Kings whose odds are even higher at 100/1 and then you have the rank and complete outsiders that being the Chicago Blackhawks who are 125/1!