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Men’s Wimbledon 2019 Tournament Outright Betting

Men's Wimbledon 2019 Tournament Outright Betting 1

There are two tennis players that are currently being backed by plenty of punters on the Men’s Wimbledon 2019 Tournament Outright Betting market, and as such you will of course need to know who they are if you are planning 0on having a bet on that major and long awaited tennis tournament.

However, keep in mind that there are going to be loads of other players that are going to have their eyes on the huge prize purse on that tournament, and you may actually rate one of the players that is being touted at much higher odds on the early betting markets instead.

As for the player that it is fair to say does have the best form currently and is the number one choice for many punters betting early on the Men’s Wimbledon outright winner betting markets, that player is Djokovic who is now an 11/8 shot to win the tournament outright.

The next player in the betting will be one that you will of heard of before and a player that does have what it takes to win a major tennis tournament of this nature and that player is Federer, and if you get a move on you should be able to secure odds on him winning on the early betting markets of around the 3/1 mark.

Have an Each-Way Punt

What you will also be able to do when betting on this tennis tournament is bet each-way, and by doing so you will of course then be placing a two part bet, the first part covers your chosen player in an outright win bet and the other half of that bet covers your chosen player coming in one of the top positions in the tournament once the final game has been played.

Most bookies will be giving you one half on the win odds on that place part of such a bet and they are going to be paying out to two places too. So do consider placing such a bet if you fancy a player with much higher odds attached to him is my advice.

Backing Tennis Players Each-Way

There are some tennis players that are being backed each-way by some punters, admittedly the volume of cash being placed each-way on those players is not what you could ever call huge, but you may fancy following some of them and placing such a bet yourself.

If so then be aware it is players like Nada and Tsitsipas at 16/1 that are being backed each-way and then you have players such as Zverev that have been attracting buts and bobs of support here and there at 25/1, other players that could be worth a small each-way bet if you do want to back several players in the hope that one of them makes the grade this year are players such as Auger-Aliassime and Thiem at 33/1, or possibly go for some players with even higher odds attached to them such as Cilic, Raonic and Kyrgios, Nick all at 40/1.