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Czech Darts Open Tips and Predictions

Czech Darts Open Tips and Predictions 1

With it being Friday the 28th of June today, that does of course mean that those of you out there that have been eagerly awaiting the very first matches to get played off in the Czech Darts Open will not have very long to wait until they do as that major darts tournament does start later today.

You may be planning on having a bet on one or more of the players that are involved in that tournament, and if you are then below in order, are those that have been attracting the most support from punters on the early and futures betting markets.

You are not going to be offered any huge odds if you fancy the chances of Michael Van Gerwen to win the Czech Darts Open this year, for due to his current level of form which is of course impressive and the amount of cash flooding in for him, the best odds now available are around the 10/11 mark.

There will always be punters out there that want to back against the favourite to win any major darts tournament, and if you are prepared to back against Gerwen, then one darts player that may give you  good run of your money is James Wade at 12/1.

Each-Way Betting

The decision will of course b yours to make firstly as to whether you do plan on placing one or more bets on the Czech Darts Open, and also as to just which players you do fancy backing if you do want to place any number of bets on hat darts tournament.

One way of being able to back more than one player is of course by backing several of them each way, and if that is something that you are prepared to do then most bookies are going one half the win odds on the place part of each-way bets and will also be paying out to two places too, and some may be even paying out to three places.

Gerwyn Price and Peter Wright

Now you are aware of just which players are being backed and also know which each-way betting terms are the most generous and the ones that you should be looking out for if you do plan on backing any player each way, let me now move onto giving you an overview of some players that have a fair chance of doing well in this tournament this year.

Two players that I am sure that you will have heard of are Gerwyn Price and Peter Wright, and you are to going to have to look round too hard to find plenty of bookies that will give you odds of 14/1 on both of them winning.

Then you have experienced players who do know how to play darts and wouldn’t surprise too many punters if they did go on to do well int his major dart tournament, and two such players that do spring to mind are Ian White at 16/1 and Daryl Gurney at 20/1