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Early Odds on the English Championship 2019/20 Season

Early Odds on the English Championship 2019/20 Season 1

Which team do you think is going to be crowned the champions of the English Championship in the 2019/20 season? If you do have a few ideas of just which team or which teams have the best chances of winning the title race in the English Championship, then now is a great time to back them.

I say that as most betting sites have launched their early betting markets on the English Championship for the upcoming season, and as such with some hunting around you are likely to find some very appealing odds, no matter which team you fancy betting on right now.

You may be prepared to wait and see just what form each team in the English Championship  have before you place a bet on any of them winning the title, however just keep in mind the odds on the teams that do start to win lots of matches will be much lower than they are right now when the season does get underway.

Teams such as Leeds at 5/1 and Fulham at 15/2 are the two teams that many punters do think are going to have an outstanding season, and they are the ones that many punters are having some speculative punts on currently, so do jeep that in mind.

Teams Worth Backing Each-Way

As long as you do not make the mistake of betting with a bookie that are offering poor valued each-way betting terms, then that type of a two part bet will be worth placing at this very early stage of the betting, with such high odds being attached to all teams in the English Champions early betting markets.

As for just which other teams in addition to Leeds and Fulham may be worth backing either to win or each-way, well West Brom at 10/1 look a fair bet as too do teams such as Cardiff at 11/1, Stoke at 12/1 and you can also throw into the mix Middlesbrough too who are currently trading at odds of around 14/1.

Teams at 16/1 and Higher

All other teams playing in the English Championship this upcoming season are on offer at odds of at least 16/1, but make sure that if you do fancy the chances of any of them that you shpp around for some bookies are offering Brentford, Derby and Huddersfield at better odds than the generally available 16/1.

It is up to you if you want to back teams such as Bristol City, Sheff Wed and Nottingham Forest at 20/1 or take a chance of teams such as Swansea at 25/1, Preston at 28/1 and Birmingham at 33/1, but once again do make sure that you shop around for not all bookies will be offering those odds, and some may be offering even higher odds on each of those teams.

Luton, Hull and Blackburn at 40/1, Reading and QPR at 50/1 as well as Millwall, Charlton and Wigan at 66/1 and Barnsley at 80/1 are the teams that only avid fans of each of them are backing.