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Mercedes or Ferrari to Win the Spanish Grand Prix?

Mercedes or Ferrari to Win the Spanish Grand Prix? 1

The team that are odds-on to win the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend is of course Mercedes, and their odds are unlike to get any higher it does have to be said, so if you think it will be that team that shines back them now whilst there is still a little bit of value left.

As for whether the odds are going to be worth your while placing a bet on them, well lets face it they should win and with bookies like BetFred and a whole host of other offering odds of 4/9, then that does look like a rock solid bet for odds-on favourite backers.

You could however be more of a Ferrari team fan, and if you are then at 7/4 or thereabout their odds are there for the taking, and there is of course the very real chance they could up their game slightly and win.

The only other team that can be backed, but you will be taking plenty of risk by doing so are the Red Bull team who I am convinced one day will become leading contenders for a few upcoming Grand Prix races. They are currently trading at plenty of betting sites for reference at around the 10/1 mark.

McLaren Are No Hopers

It will be your money you will be betting with if you are interested in having a financial interest in this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix and one team that is each to dismiss are the McLaren team and their odds to win that race do give you an idea of their chances, with those odds being huge at 500/1!

In fact, several teams are also chalked up at most bookies betting sites at identical odds of 500/1 and they include Racing Point, Toro Rosso, Alfa Romeo and Renault, but they do say a fool and his money are soon parted, and you will be best advised to avoid backing any of them as you will be waving goodbye to your money if you do decide to back any of them!

Haas and Williams

Two other teams are of course going to be lining up with the hope of winning the Spanish Grand Prix this Sunday, however all things considered there is no possible way either of them could win, apart from a major incident or a miracle.

The first of those two teams are the Haas team and their odds are huge, and as such for very loyal Haas fans that are prepared to back them no matter what your loyalty will if nothing else be rewarded with some very high odds those being 750/1!

The one final team that are very easy to back and completely friendless in the betting markets are of course the Williams team,  whilst plenty of bookies are offering them to win at huge odds of 1000/1 you will find some even bigger odds being offered to you at betting changes such as Betfair, as plenty of layers will be eager to get you to bet with them given that team have no chance of winning.