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Vitality T20 Blast Betting Opportunities

Vitality T20 Blast Betting Opportunities 1

Whilst there are no shortages of betting opportunities available to you today, one betting market that did catch my eye this morning was the current Vitality T20 Blast betting market, and below is a round up of the odds being offered on teams playing in that Cricket competition.

The team that is heading the current early betting markets on the 2019 Vitality T20 Blas  is of course Somerset, however they are not what anybody could call a rock solid favourite right now for you are going to find plenty of bookies that will lay you odds of 7/1 on them winning this year.

I think it’s fair to say that you wouldn’t want to take lower than average odds on any team you rate to come out on top and win this competition, and therefore if you fancy either Surrey and Sussex to win it then make sure you bag odds of at the very least 15/2 on those two teams who are the joint second favourites to win right now.

There are three other teams taking part in this coemption who are on offer in double digit odds, so it may just be worth checking out some of those teams as any of them may go on to win it, and for reference they are Nottinghamshire and Hampshire at 8/1 and Worcestershire at 9/1 too.

Vitality T20 Blast Each-Way Betting

Each-way betting is going to be a good option on this competition this year for even if you back the favourite to win and that favourite comes ins second place you will still get a fair-sized pay-out on the place part of an each-way bet.

That is due to the fact that most bookies are paying out to two places and at one half of the win odds, so you can pick and choose as many teams to back each-way as you like, especially at those current high valued odds.

Each-Way Betting Possibilities

The odds on the above teams are certainly going to grab the attention of punters willing to back one of them outright to win this competition, however there are still plenty of other teams that you may much prefer backing and possibly prefer to back each-way too.

The other teams that are going to be taking their respective chances in the Vitality T20 Blast this year include teams such as Lancashire and Middlesex and you can back them right now at odds of 10/1, of;;owe in the betting by teams likes Yorkshire at 12/1 and then you have Kent currently chalked dup and being offered by most bookies at win odds of 14/1.

Bigger odds are of course being offered on teams such as Birmingham Bears, Durham and Essex at 16/1, and the remainder of the field are available at some even higher odds such as Gloucestershire at 20/1 and Northamptonshire at 22/1 and then you have the teams that have very little chance of success this year those being Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Glamorgan all at 33/1.