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Real Madrid vs Arsenal Match Betting

Real Madrid vs Arsenal Match Betting 1

It will be on Wednesday evening of this week that you are going to be able to watch the long awaited match between Real Madrid and Arsenal, and I am sure if you are planning on watching that match on TV, then you will probably want to have a bet on it too.

If that is something you are planning on doing, then please do make sure that you read through todays football betting news story below, for you are going to find just which betting markets are on offer to you on that match, but the ones that are currently offering punters the very best betting value.

Do you think that Real Madrid are going to win this match tomorrow? Well, if you do keep in mind that there are some bookies out there that are still offering them to win that match at odds of even money, and that does have to be a standout bet for sure.

You may also fancy backing the draw and if you do so then the draw odds are around the 11/4 mark and then you can of course opt to place a bet on Arsenal a to come out on top, which let’s face it they have a fair chance of doing just that and there win odds are decent all things considered at 11/5.

Both Teams to Score

The option will always be there for you to bet on both teams to score in any football match and looking at the makeup of this match and the form of both teams it does look a very fair bet that both teams will rattle in at the very least one goal each at some point in this match.

However, you can of course place a No or Yes bet when placing a wager on the both teams to score betting markets and as for what odds are being offered on those betting markets in this match the No option is 7/4 and the Yes is 2/5.

Bet on the Highest Scoring Half

One fairly new betting opportunity that some bookies may be offering you and one that could be appealing to you, will see you having to predict which half of the match will be the one in which the most goals are going to be score tomorrow night.

There will however also be a Draw option on offer on that betting market as it could be the case that both halves of the match have the same number of goals scored in them for example.

The three possible betting opportunities that you will find on offer on the bet on the highest scoring half betting markets and their respective odds are the draw at 11/4, the First Half look a tempting bet to say the least at odds of 21/10, and as for just what odd you can bag on the second half being the one in which the most goals are scored are 10/11.