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Bet Now on the German Grand Prix Race Winner

Bet Now on the German Grand Prix Race Winner 1

If you haven’t yet jetted off on your summer holidays, then you will probably have your space booked on the sofa to watch the German Grand Prix tomorrow, for much like all other races of that nature it is going to draw in a huge TV audience.

There are of course all of the usual betting opportunities being offered right now on that race, and with that in mind below I am going to be walking you through the odds that are currently being touted by most bookies on each of the drivers on the outright winner betting markets.

I do think that there are some bookies out there that are of the mind that it will not be L. Hamilton that will win the German Grand Prix tomorrow, and I say that as several of them are offering him at outright win odds of 4/5, which is slightly better odds than some other betting site are offering.

You may therefore be much more interested in backing another driver that has the skills, abilities and experience of winning a race of this nature, and one available at much higher odds too, and of that is the case then V. Bottas at 7/2 looks a good bet for sure.

Next Drivers in the Betting

You will need to consider betting on the likes of C. Leclerc at 6/1 if you want to get any chance of winning big, for he does have a fair but not too great of winning the German Grand Prix this year and those odds are there for the taking right now.

Moving onto two drivers that the bookies cannot separate, and both of whom have chance of sorts of winning this race this year, they are S. Vettel and M. Verstappen, and if you get a move on you should be able to secure odds on either of them winning of 13/2.

Could an Outsider Win?

I would probably steer you well clear of backing any of the outsiders, for whilst you are certainly going to find some big odds on offer on each of them such as P. Gasly at 125/1 his chances and the chances of the other drivers are tiny of winning.

But there will always be punters prepared to place small valued bets on some of the outsiders an hope the pone they pick do beat the odds and win, and some 750/1 shots some of you may be prepared to back are D. Ricciardo, L. Norris, C. Sainz and R. Grosjean, N. Hulkenberg and K. Raikkonen.

But for some even bigger potential pay-outs, well it will be the rank outsiders you should be betting on, and there are certainly plenty of them such as D. Kvyat, S. Perez, R. Kubica, A. Albon, L. Stroll, A. Giovinazzi, K. Magnussen and G. Russell and if you do want to take a chance one of them will win this race this year you can get odds on each of them of a whopping 1000/1 right now!