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Best Odds on Copa America 2019

Best Odds on Copa America 2019 1

Placing some long term football related bets are what many punters are eager to do, especially at this time of the year. With many football competitions yet to be played by making use of the futures betting markets at some betting sites you can always be assured of getting some decent odds.

Take for example the Copa America, there have already been some huge volumes of cash placed on a couple of teams that punters are convinced are going to win that competition, and one betting site that is still offering some very decent odds is Quinnbet.

A quick glance over their current betting market on the Copa America shows they have Brazil pencilled in as the favourite to win and they are offering odds on them doing so that will appeal to plenty of punters I am sure, and those odds are 11/8.

Then you have Argentina, and it is very difficult to see them not having an excellent season this year in the Copa America and it wouldn’t be too much of a shock if they made it to the final game and won the trophy, and once again Quinnbet are offering some excellent odds and those odds are 3/1.

Next Teams in the Betting

You can of course place a bet on any team involved in the Copa American and if you fancy backing one of the other teams that could pull of something of a surprise and win it then Quinnbet will always reward you with some excellent odds for sure.

Take for example the next three teams in their betting market, some of you out there are not going to be able to resist taking the odd son offer on teams such as Chile who are 7/1, Uruguay who are 17/2 and also Colombia who do have some decent odds attached to them at that betting site and those odds are 9/1.

Ecuador and All Other Teams

Let me now quickly rattle through the odds that are currently available on each of the other teams that are going to be involved in this competition this year, but each of the following ones do have very little chance of winning it does have to be said!

Three teams that are all currently 22/1 shots are Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru and you are going to have to be something of a very loyal fan to want to back them even though their odds are high, their chances of winning are very low.

Venezuela and Japan are a couple of the much lesser fancied teams and to be honest I find it hard to make any  type of case for either of those teams so I am not expecting anything major form either of them this season but they can be backed at odds of 40/1 over at Quinnbet.

The two teams that are easy to cross of the list of potential winners of Copa America are Bolivia at 50/1 and also Qatar at 100/1 that shouldn’t go on to win too many matches if any at all!