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Victoria 6/4 to win the Sheffield Shield

Victoria 6/4 to win the Sheffield Shield 1

It is never too early to bet on domestic cricket competitions such as the Sheffield Shield, and if you are a fan of Australian cricket then you will only have six teams to worry about regarding just which one could be crowned champions in 2019.

There is always long term interest from punters on the futures betting markets of such events, as the odds being offered will be much higher if you are prepared to bet on the team you think will win far in advance.

Therefore, today I thought it may be beneficial for me to give you an insight into just where the early money is going on the Sheffield Shield, as by doing so you could get an idea of which team may just be worth backing right now.

If you are an avid fan of Australian cricket then you will not need me to tell you that the team that should win and win that completion with ease is Victoria and they are a rock solid bet right now and a team you can back at bookies such as Coral at some decent odds too, for if you do back them today to win that Sheffield Shield you can get odds of 6/4 from Coral.

Western Australia and New South Wales

You may be of the mind however that Victoria are not going to be crowned champions this season and if that is the case then you will possibly be looking at either the second or third favourites to come out on top and win the Sheffield Shield.

If that is something that you do fancy doing then it will be Western Australia you could be thinking about backing and their win odds are currently 3/1 and as for just which team is the third favourite well it is New South Wales and they are an appealing bet and one many punters will be backing at odds right now of 4/1!

The Other Three Teams

I am not sure whether the last three remaining teams that are in this competition have got anywhere near what is needed in the makeup of their team to outsmart and outplay the three teams mentioned up above.

But at the end of the day you are free to back any team you do think will win, and the next team in the betting that are available at some rather short odds to be honest is Queensland, so some punters much think they have a chance of winning and those odds if you are interested are 5/1.

Tasmania do have a very stiff task in the Sheffield Shield and as such I certainly will not be backing them at any price, but you may fancy backing them and their win odds right now are 9/1.

The final team that is totally friendless in the betting markets right now is South Australia and whilst available at some huge odds currently of 20/1 their chances of winning are tiny and I doubt that they are going to do so!