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Saturday the 2nd of March 2019 Football Match Predictions

Saturday the 2nd of March 2019 Football Match Predictions 1

With Acca consolation bets and payout boosters being offered to punters placing accumulator bets, those are the most popular football bets placed over each weekend, and you could be trying to plan your weekend football bets right now.

If that is the case then I have picked out several matches below that are being played tomorrow the 2nd of March 2019, and will be giving you few ideas as to just which way those matches are possible going to end.

The odds quoted on each of those matches are currently available over at the Ladbrokes betting site, and it is worth me pointing out that as they are fixed odds then they are not going to change in value irrespective of just how much cash is placed on any outcome.

The first match that I have my eye on from a betting point of view is the Hull vs. Birmingham match, which looking at the current form of both teams is a match that could end in a win for either team or even a draw, but my prediction for that match is a win for Hull and they are offered at odds of 7/5 to win that match over at the Ladbrokes betting site.

Ipswich vs. Reading

A quick glance at the odds on all three possible outcomes in the Ipswich vs. Reading match show us that at 15/8 Ipswich are the underdogs in that match and the match probably won’t end in a draw as the draw odds are 2/1.

It is Reading that most bookies are of the mind that are going to come out on top and take the three points home  with them tomorrow and the odds being offered on a win for that team are worth taking being as they are 8/5.

Luton and MK Dons Look Set for a Win

The odds on a Luton win in their match tomorrow against Rochdale do give you a very clear indication that it is a match that they are expected to win for those odds are 4/9, and most punters will be including Luton in their Acca bets for sure.

Just so you can get an idea of their winning chances forma  betting point of view I will point out that the draw odds available on hat match are 17/5 and the odds on Rochdale winning that match are huge at 13/2, so it is very true to say most bookies do not expect Rochdale to win!

The MK Dons vs. Crawley match is another very one-sided match for sure, and it is the home team, that being MK Dons that should in that match without any major difficulties, and as for as the odds you can secure on them right now those odds are 6/10.

The draw odds do appear to be overly generous on this match at Ladbrokes as they are going 3/1 on the match ending in a draw, and as for the chance so Crawley somehow managing to win this match, well that is highly unlikely to happen as they are on offer at high odds of 9/2.