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Bet Now on the Wimbledon Mixed Doubles

Bet Now on the Wimbledon Mixed Doubles 1

The Wimbledon Mixed Doubles Tournament does offer a welcome distraction to both the Men’s and Women’s Tournaments, and there are, as you would imagine more than enough betting opportunities still available to you on that tournament if you do rate the chance of any of the duos taking part in it  of course.

However, most punters and fans of the sport of tennis are finding it very hard to look any further than the A. Murray/ S. Williams partnership, and as such many punters have been laying down their hard earned money if very large numbers of that duo winning the Wimbledon Mixed Doubles this year and that has resulted in their odds dropping down to a rather unattractive and very unappealing 11/8.

But for those of you out there that are prepared to back the like of Soares / Melichar or Dodig / Chan then you will be offered and will be able to secure some much higher and better odds and those are 11/2 and 6/1 resistive on those two duos.

How to Bet Each-Way on the Wimbledon Mixed Doubles

You will see some bookies offering you what are known as each-way betting opportunities on this major Mixed Doubles Tournament, and as such you may fancy placing such a bet which will ultimately see you placing a two part bet on your chosen doubles.

By placing that bet you get paid out at the full odds if your team finishes first and also get paid out on the second half of that bet at one half of the win odds if your doubles pairing finishes in first position or in second position on the leader board at the end of the tournament.

Other Doubles That May Just Win

You will probably already have made up your mind that it will be one of the three duos listed up above that are going to win the Wimbledon Mixed Doubles this year, and wit will be one of those duos that you will be prepared to lay down your money on.

However, there are several others that are still in the Wimbledon Mixed Doubles in 2019, and whilst some of them have no realistic chance of winning, there are some that may just win or get placed at least with Skugor / Olaru and Peers / Zhang being in there with a chance of success and both of those duos are on offer at odds of 10/1 right now.

 To you do rate the chances of any other duo then make sure that you actively compare the odds available at several different betting sites as you may find some much higher odds at one of them than at most other.

Just so you know though, the readily available odds that you can bag right now on the likes of Hoyt / Silva and Roger-Vasselin / Klepac at 12/1 and the Koolhof/Peschke duo are 14/1 and if you want to chance your arm on the Venus/Srebotnik duo winning you will be rewarded with high odds which are currently for reference 16/1.