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The Pick of this Weeks NFL Money Lines

The Pick of this Weeks NFL Money Lines 1

I would encourage you to make your way over to the BetFred betting site if you fancy betting on any of this week’s upcoming NFL matches, for it is as you will probably know week 15 of the season, and that betting site has been offering some of the very highest money line odds on each match so far played of the season.

This week is no different, and as such if you are interested in placing a few well thought-out bets this week on one or more NFL matches, allow me to give you a few pointers as to just what teams you should be backing, for the best chances of winning.

You are not going to find higher money lines odds than the 8/15 odds that are on offer on the Los Angeles Chargers who are up against the Kansas City Chiefs this week, and those odds are worth taking for I cannot see them losing that match!

Another match that should go the way of the favourite is the Houston Texans vs. New York Jets match, that favourite to win that match are the Jets and whilst their odds are not huge at 4/11 those odds do give you a very good insight into their winning chances!

Acca NFL Bets Available

Keep in mind that you are also going to be able to place Acca bets when you bet with BetFred and as such if you fancy trying to perm together several teams in the hope that they all win their respective matches then now is a good time to do just that.

Three teams that I would certainly have included in your Acca bets this week are the Cleveland Browns at 8/, the Oakland Raiders who are on offer at BetFred at odds of 4/6 to beat the Cincinnati Bengals and it is hard to see the Arizona Cardinals on offer at money line odds of 2/9 losing to the Atlanta Falcons.

Other NFL Teams worth Backing in Week 15

I will now quickly pass onto you a few other NFL teams that are expected to win their respective matches this week, keep in mind at if you do indeed fancy backing any of them at the money line odds displayed below, then you will need to place your bets at BetFred.

In the Washington Redskins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars match the Redskins shouldn’t have too much difficulty beating their opponents and the odds on offer on them are 3/10, in the Tennessee Titans vs. New York Giants match I think that the Titans are going to win that match at odds of 20/29 and in the Dallas Cowboys vs. Indianapolis Colts it is the Cowboys that will have my money riding on them at money line odds of 4/6.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are another team that should win their match this week and they are playing against the Baltimore Ravens however with money line odds of 1/4 you will have to back them with high stakes to get a decent winning payout!