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Futures Betting on the All Ireland Hurling Championship

Futures Betting on the All Ireland Hurling Championship 1

Long term betting opportunities are going to be on offer to you no matter what sports are of interest to you, and as the odds available on such betting markets are always going to be higher when you make use of them early, I want to take a look at an often overlooked sporting event today.

That is the All Ireland Hurling Championship, whilst many punters over in Ireland will have already placed their long term bets on the team they think will be the champions of that even later this year, there is still time for everybody else to place their bets too.

One betting site that comes highly recommended for betting on Hurling matches is Quinnbet as their futures betting markets on the All Ireland Hurling Championship 2019 is now live, and having studied is this morning there really are some standout betting opportunities available upon it for sure.

Galway are currently leading the betting, and if you think they have a good chance of winning and being crowned the champion at the end of the season then I think now is the time you should be betting on them, as their odds are 11/4.

Who Else Could Win?

Whether you do place a bet on Galway is of course your decision to make, but there are plenty of other teams that could win the title this season and two of them that do instantly spring to mind are Limerick and Tipperary who are the joint second favourites at odds of 9/2.

In fact, I wouldn’t overlook the chance of teams such as Cork who do look a rock solid bet at this early stage of them betting at their odds of 5/1 and another team that has been attracting a fair amount of support are Kilkenny and their odds are currently 6/1.

All the Other Teams

It is true to say that all teams will have some very loyal fans that will always support them no matter what, and that does of course mean some punters and fans of the sport of Hurling will be interested in backing some of the much less fancied teams.

Therefore if your favourite team you support hasn’t yet been mentioned there are going to be some much higher odds on offer on them such as Clare who can be backed to win the title at odds of 8/1 and then you have both Waterford at 12/1 and also Wexford at 20/1.

The only other team that currently has double digit odds attached to them is Dublin, but whether they are going to perform well for the rest of the Hurling season does remain to be seen but you can of course back them if you so desire and their odds right now are 25/1.

I doubt that teams such as Antrim, Laois, Westmeath, Offaly and Carlow are going to be winning many Hurling matches this season and that is a view shared by the odds compilers at Quinnbet who have each of those teams listed at odds of 500/1 and Kerry are the rank outsiders to win at odds of 1000/1!