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Brigadier Bullet 11/2 to Win the Golden Jacket

Brigadier Bullet 11/2 to Win the Golden Jacket 1

The ante post betting markets on the Golden Jacket greyhound event are quite busy over at the Ladbrokes betting site, for they are of course sponsoring event as they always do, and thanks to them offering better odds than their competitor’s punters are eager to place their bets with them.

However, there is one greyhound that is attracting the most support, and that is Brigadier Bullet, and with odds available on the greyhound of 11/2 there is plenty of value to be had for favourite backers and those that think that dog will go on to win the final race of that event too.

But make no mistake about it though, there are plenty of other greyhounds that could win the Golden Jackpot this year, and at some much higher odds too, so below I will walk you through the ante post betting markets on that event to give you an insight into where the early money is going.

Also do be aware that thanks to Ladbrokes also going one quarter the odds to four places on all each-way bets stuck and placed with them you could also prefer to back and greyhound each-way and still get a dent sized payout, even if the greyhound you select doesn’t actually win.

Each-Way Possibilities

It will actually take you some time to try and make sense of this event, for there are plenty of greyhounds that with some luck in running could fill any of the top four positions in the final race.

However form the early market movers there are a number of greyhounds that have been attracting support and they include Towcester Story, Baroness Bullet and Roxholme Poppy who are all very easy to back at odds of 10/1.

A Few Other Greyhounds to Watch

The remainder of the greyhounds that will be taking their chances in the heats of the Ladbrokes Golden Jacket are on offer at much better and higher odds, however it would be too much of a surprise to see greyhounds such as Magical Icarus at 14/1 or either Goldies Hotspur or Droopys Live at 16/1 get through to the final race.

Affleck Bolt and Ela Juliet are also fair bets being as those two greyhound are chalked up at odds of 20/1 and then you have the pick of the 25/1 shots which are currently Shotgun Bullet, Droopys Edge, Ridgedale Max, Rylane Dash and Queenies Rainbow.

Whilst I doubt any of the current 33/1 shots are going to win there is always the very real chance any of them could fill one of the top four places in the final race, and for record those greyhounds are Savana Winner, Swift Tarquin, Savana Ashleigh, Prime Time, Tellhersomething, Young Castle and also Keplar Nine.

The ante post betting market on this event is live however and that does of course mean the odds listen up above are subject to change at any time, so do keep that in mind if you do fancy taking your chances and backing any of the greyhounds listed up above.