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Still Time to Bet on the Premier League Top Goalscorer Markets

Still Time to Bet on the Premier League Top Goalscorer Markets 1

You can bet on any player in any of the Premier League teams to be this season’s top goalscorer, and dependent on which one you pick you could be rewarded with some rather generous odds, when placing such bets at Betfred.

However, that bookie is also going to allow you to pick any player or players and back him or them each-way, and they are going to be paying out to the first and second top goalscorer on the place part of an each-way bet and will be paying out at one third of the win odds on that part of such a bet too.

But I think the majority of punters out there and fans of the sport of football will think it’s a foregone conclusion that Sergio Aguero will be the top goalscorer this season, and many of them have been backing so much so his odds at sites such as Betfred are now as low as 11/8.

It looks like he faces a bit of coemption for the top goalscorer of this season award from players such as Mohamed Salah, and if you think Salah could overtake him and keep his goal tally higher than all other Premier League players his odds of doing so are 11/4 right now.

Kane and Aubameyang

Harry Kane is the next Premier league player in the betting markets and whilst his odds are not overly generous, they are around the 7/2, and when you consider his chances of being the top goalscorer in that league you will realise those odds are as high as they possibly can be, all things considered.

As for one other player that has a fair if not too obvious chance of being the top goalscorer at the end of this season, there is always the chance that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang could be, and with odds of 6/1 about him being so he may be worth a small speculative punt.

Other Premier League Players and Their Odds

The two other players that are much higher up to top goalscorer betting markets right now are Sadio Mane whose odds are fair to say the least being as they are 10/1 and then you have Raheem Sterling who is standing his own ground at his odds of 22/1.

A couple of players have odds as high as 66/1 attached to them currently and they are Alexandre Lacazette and Jamie Vardy but if you fancy the chances of Romelu Lukaku, Raul Jimenez and Eden Hazard then why not put your money down on them right now and take advantage of the 80/1 odds on offer on each of them.

Whether it is going to be a wise move backing any of the other players such as the ones that are now available at odds of 100/1 remains to be seen of course, but if you do fancy taking your chances on one of the outsiders that can be backed at those three digital betting odds they are Callum Wilson, Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial, Son Heung-min and Richarlison.