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Ante Post Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup Dash Odds

Ante Post Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup Dash Odds 1

Saturday is the day when the Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup Dash is going to be held at the Ascot racecourse, and plenty of punters have already been mopping up some rather generous odds on the ante post betting markets for that race.

If you are a favourite backer then now is the time for you to be placing your bets on Danzeno  for if the volume of money punters have been placing on that horse so far continue, then its current 5/1 win odds are going to seem like a very distant memory soon.

You may not fancy the chances of the current ante post favourite to win this race, and if you do not then one horse that could be of interest to you and at some slightly higher odds is Muthmir at 6/1 who will not need too much luck in running to win this race this year.

As for one other horse that has been attracting a fair bit of support on the early betting markets, well that horse is Stake Acclaim, but you will need to bet fairly quickly if you want to secure the 7/1 odds I have seen plenty of bookies offering on that horse as they may not be that high for very much longer.

Each-Way Betting

All bookies to be fair will let you place an each-way bet on this race, but just be aware not all of them are going to be offering decent each-way betting terms, with the best ones I have seen being offered on this race are one fifth of the win odds being paid out to three places too.

As for just which hoses some punters are choosing to back each-way, well there are several of them including but not limited to the likes of Camacho Chief, Recon Mission, Final Venture, Pass The Vino, Corinthia Knight and Caspian Prince all of which can be backed at odds of 8/1 by the way.

Riskier Betting Opportunities

You pay your money and take your chance as the old betting saying goes and there are loads of other horses that could get their heads up in front and win this race this year.

Take for example Foolaad, Arecibo, Green Power, Intense Romance, Only Spoofing and Tropics at 10/1 they will certainly be tempting for some punter as too will the likes of Alaadel, Lancelot Du Lac, Watchable, Stone of Destiny and Queens Gift all on offer at odds of 12/1.

There is of course the chance but albeit a tiny one that horses such as Encore D’Or, Junius Brutus, Embour, Maygold, Kick On Kick On, Wise Words and The Cruising Lord could win at 14/1 and the same could be dais of each of the 16/1 shots inclduing Glenamoy Lad, Makanah, Lord Riddiford, Harome, Koditime, Jumira Bridge, Wedding Date, Blue De Vega and Saaheq at 16/1, other horses are available at 20/1 bar.